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Women's Mentoring Program: T2:4

At The Well, we believe that life is better done together!  We encourage women to always have someone pouring into their lives and to always be pouring out into younger women. Jesus shared meals with those He discipled....they broke bread together, and so do we! Our lives should be like conduit of the love of God flowing from God and in relationship with one another. {Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27} Oh, and I may have missed that we believe we should love ourselves well!  We believe in pursuing a WHOLE heart.... knowing God and knowing who He uniquely designed us to be. To know God and self, we must immerse ourself in His truth. In the month of June, we are studying the book of LUKE with the theme of Drawing Near to God. You are invited to join us!
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Shifting the Atmospheres of our homes to allow others to DRAW NEAR!