Psalm 139

Warren Wiesbe Bible Study Series offers these excellent questions from Psalm 139.  Ponder them deeply and answer them honestly as you study Psalm 139 this week.

  1. How does the psalm depict God as knowing everything?
  2. How does the fact that God knows you intimately affect you?
  3. How does this psalm ask you to see your body and other people’s bodies?
  4. Why does it makes no sense to try to run away from God but perfect sense to run to God?
  5. Ask God to search you and know your heart. What is in your heart that He will see?

AS usual in our study this week, take your first day to read and reread the entire 24 verses.  Maybe you can begin to answer the questions about.  As we study a few verses at a time your answers may change or your outlook deepen.

Day 2.  Meditate on verses 1-6. Make notes. 

Day 3.  Study verses 7-12 today.  Journal what the Lord is speaking to you through these verses.

Day 4.  Meditate on verses 13-16.  Marvel at the handiwork of God.  What is He saying about you?

Day 5. Today we focus on verses 17-18.  Think about His thoughts toward you and write down what your hear.

Day 6.  Read verses 19-22.  How does Jesus teaching about loving your enemies in Matt 5:43-48 compare with David’s words.  How does the Lord ask you to change your attitude toward your enemies?

Day 7.  Make verses 23-24 your prayer to our Father today.  Be sure and write the things He points out to you.  He is leading us on this everlasting path.

If you are married or in a dating relationship, we encourage you to sign your spouse up for Fathering at The Well. In June, men and women will be studying Luke together in effort to align our families and help our men take their places as spiritual leaders in our homes!