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JULY 13th/ National Serve Day

This is a day where churches, businesses and community members nationwide come together with one goal, to serve our communities through acts of kindness. McComb Beautification Committee and other sponsors are inviting you to join this Small-Town Big Dreams event. The day will start with a clean up rally downtown at the parking garage at 8:30-9:00am. From there volunteers will be grouped and dispersed into one of these areas of service. The cleaning will conclude at noon with burgers provide for the serve team by The Well Church. 

Our Service Projects:

  1. Cleaning three city parks to promote supporting and beautifying our community gathering areas.

  2. Painting the holding room at the juvenile center to include encouraging and uplifting declarations.

  3. An improvement project where a group will clean and paint one of the structures in downtown to continue our movement to beautifying our city.

  4. Community carwash at a designated location on Delaware Ave along with other random acts of kindness. 

  5. Room of Refuge – This is a room remodel for a terminally or chronically ill child. (See additional information below for entry requirements) 

How can you help?

1. Join us to serve, because we believe there is power in unity! You can sign up by completing form below.

2. Gather a team to join us and serve with us or create your own serve project. Please share your project with us so that we can share with our city.

3. Share the message by going to Small Town Big Dreams Facebook and sharing promotional images for this event.

4. Partner with us as a sponsor for the downtown improvement project or the room of refuge.

5. Love your neighbor!


This act of kindness will be tailored to a terminally or chronically ill child under the age of 18. This will involve renovation to the child’s bedroom including fresh paint, new furniture and decorations. These purchases will be tailored to the specific needs of the child. It is our hope that their renovated space will improve their quality of life, promote strength, imagination, self-worth, and aid in their overall health. 

One child will be chosen for the remodel. The entry requirements are below and must be emailed to welovemccomb@gmail.com by the end of the day June 15, 2019. 

  1. Child must be under the age of 18 and have a chronic or terminal diagnosis. 

  2. Must email a 3 minute or less video to welovemccomb@gmail.com by June 15, 2019. 

  3. Name, Age and contact information for the child. 

  4. A brief description of their condition. 

  5. What a remodel would mean to them. 

  6. What would their dream room look like?


If you or your group would prefer to serve under your own accord we encourage you to sign up at www.serveday.com and partner with the 100’s of churches and groups who hope to make a difference in their community on July 13, 2019. 

Partner with us by signing up here

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Our city will change by being intentional! Join the movement!

Our city will change by being intentional! Join the movement!

For more information contact : welovemccomb@gmail.com or 601-320-5445